What day is it? It is day 236 more or lessish

Ok. A year ago I had nothing, then thanks to Coralie I had a plan.

I have been putting a bit of news here and there, on the Kickstarter, on other pages on this blog, on Facebook.

Let me say officially that The Perfume of Books is now being printed and bound commercially at Impress Printers in Fyshwick. I am binding 12 sets. I am having a bit of a binding design crisis. So I took a leaf of Hannah Brown and I made some maquettes to help me work out problems.

This is the commercial cover:

Perfect bound book

This is what the perfect bound book will look like

So I am sewing sheets, rounding and backing textblocks and now designing the covers. This is what they will look like:


These are just design ideas, not the final ones. However I think that each book I bind will be slightly different to the others.

I would show you the design for  The Secret Life of Watermarks but I can’t seem to upload it. It is rather beautiful.

This is what I am going to do, more or less ish


Bindings are happening. See you later.