A year ago I was a long way from here

A year ago I was crying. And I had no book.

Now I have a 408 page book with 1564 colour illustrations and 39 pages of index. It is nearly ready for publishing; all  I have to do is boring publications admin.

I can’t help flipping through the pages I printed at Officeworks. Actually I can tell you that without the index it is a heavy tome. Like in weight heavy. I have found books in the stacks that have great quality paper but are just soo heavy, and others that are thick tomes but light as a feather.

It has been a bit of  a strain, especially to my friends who have had to put up with my sole topic of conversation:” Guess what watermark I found today?”

Maybe I have foot in mouth disease…..


Foot and calf watermark

I have been visiting Bowker’s, Lulu and CreateSpace. Peter, a very nice bookbinder, had some very kind words to say about my book. I found that some people who sponsored my kickstarter have been following this blog for years. I also “met” people on Instagram whose photos I’ve been seeing all over the internet and have been dying to use in said book.

It has been an interesting year on so many levels.

Thank you to those who believe in me and this project; book one finished, onto book two of the project.

Doctored image of tete de boeuf

Doctored image of tete de boeuf