Term 3 – many returning students, end products

In third term we learned one style of binding, focussing on box making. We made a simple four flap folders out of card, wrapped it in a phase box made from blue grey card, that is relatively easy to fold without a creasing machine, and ending the session with putting the whole lot within a clam shell box.

I am fairly laid back with the continuing students in this group; by that I mean that if they want to continue on a project then that’s ok by me. Grant, for example, wanted to continue sew asian thread bindings. There is something about repetitiveness that develops your handkills.

I like students to go home with products. Sometimes they focus on the detail too much, rather than accepting that in learning the technique the result may not be perfect. After all, it is the practice that makes it perfect. I would rather that they remember the essential elements of the technique in order to practise them at home.

I think that students need to make mistakes in order to successfully learn. So I say: leave your high expectations behind and come enjoy the journey.  Well done everyone!



So for this winter term, we have a surprising amount of students. I am not really that surprised, as I believe the last few winters have been busy. However I am very interested to see such a “following” of students.

I have been lucky to enjoy the company of students from the University of Canberra “conservation” course. It has a long title, so let’s call it Conservation instead. Some students, like Jessica, return every so often to learn new and practical skills. This means that I also need to taylor some of the classes to stretch their abilities.


This term there are only two newbies, and they are fitting in perfectly well. It is a bit hard because we have so many levels. Not everyone is participating in the class; some are on their own projects. That’s OK, just means I need to be on my toes.

We have focussed on asian thread bindings and simple concertina binding, the aim of which is to use minimal glue and make the covers.

Next week is the excursion to the Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild AGM and meeting. We return the following week to begin learning different housing methods.