Factotums, filigranes and fleurons – Booksleuth Series No. 3

Number three in the series: Factotums, Filigranes and Fleurons – Old printers in a new country.

Project outcome:

To publish book number three as a hardprint publication as well as print on demand publication and an ebook verison.  The major lesson learned from the previous project is that I need time, time to write and think, let alone do research. To this end I am looking for patrons to support my endeavour. I have a Patreon site if you are able to spare some dollars every month. You would have my undying gratitude, and some gifts.

Background of project No3:

In short:

I have re filed over 15 000 photos of printers’ initials, ornaments, tailpieces and headers. I am now writing up my notes from book inspections.

After a bit of writer’s block, during which I re filed said photos, I have just presented a paper at the Bibliographic Society of Australia and New Zealand’s annual conference. It was entitled: “The Bear that travelled through space and other tails”. In the finals weeks of writing I became unblocked and have started writing the book proper.

The Project:

  • printers’ location and data will be listed geographically and alphabetically;
  • initials and historiated capitals associated with each printer for each visual reference;
  • chapter headers, vignettes and  rules also associated with printers;
  • back section of watermarks used by printers for extra provenance research.

You Can view a short film here

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