Factotums and fleurons – Booksleuth Series No. 3

My bindery is in a state of flux as we are relocating. All the books ordered for the Rare Book Detective Kickstarter have been dispatched, a little late, but finished nonetheless.

Don’t stop doing things, making things, writing about stuff – so onto number three in the series: Factotums and Fleurons – Old printers in a new country.


In short:

Start looking through state library rare book collections for printers’ devices and capitals. I would add this complimentary data to data previously collected.

The Project:

During three years of research and writing for The Perfume of Books, an examination of  historical bindings, I gathered evidence on the decorated or historiated capitals used in 220 books. This project is a consolidation of gathered data which will:

  • printers’ location and data will be listed geographically and alphabetically;
  • initials and historiated capitals associated with each printer for each visual reference;
  • chapter headers, vignettes and  rules also associated with printers;
  • back section of watermarks used by printers for extra provenance research.

Project outcome:

To publish book number three as a hardprint publication as well as print on demand publication.