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On my way to London

God, if there was one, I am so excited. I am the luckiest girl in the world! I won a fellowship, and the day has finally arrived I am sitting in the lounge at Sydney airport waiting for my flight to London.

I’m off to do the European Bookbinding course with Prof Nicholas Pickwoad at the Centre for Paper and Manuscript.

I don’t care what the weather’s like; I’m Australian! I can cope with anything. I’ve got my Oyster card (thanks to Jane), and my boots and mac. What more do I need?

I’ve done a bit of the required reading; let me tell you that the list is extensive. I will be meeting a predecessor of mine; I will have high tea with a young upcoming book binder. I’ll be visiting at least 3 different collections, and 3 conservation laboratories. I will, of course, be dancing tango, and I hope to be singing australian ballads in singing sessions.

Watch this space!

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