Project Day 6


So my captions are a bit repetitive. I need to make them interesting.

I thought I’d take a look at previous versions of the work, just to give myself a boost. I am now working in InDesign; that is a far cry from using Word. It had the advantage of familiarity and portability; but it was restrictive in where I could place my images, and after about 150M would make the machines on which I was working, crash.

Pictures of bindings and watermarks as a list

Version 1 in black and white: lists a Word doc

I can’t really write solely with a computer; I need the pencil in my hand, I need to feel the paper under it. So I make lots of printed versions in black and white to save ink. And then of course version 1 was just double sided pages, not even booklet form.

As I began to get my thoughts and pictures in order,  along came version 2 with a better table of contents, and for the watermark book, an index.


These were easier to carry around, for when I had to add that little bit of exciting information. Or bore my friends with images of watermarks. I can talk about this for hours. And then in September I started an online course through Harvard and found that title pages and vignettes were a lot more exciting than I had originally thought.

So version 3 had an extra set of photos, and I had to revisit old books to take a different set of shots.


Now with version 5, I am working on providing tighter text; more pertinent information. I wish that I could have two pages for each book, but alas, financial and size constraints are working against me. Lucky some of my friends are quite clever and pass on ideas to me all the time: why not have a CD of extra images included in the book? Why not have an electronic version.

Let’s talk about ebooks in another post.