Project Day 26

82% funded. 5 Days to go.

I am on holidays and combining promotion, writing and binding in 11 business days of relief from the workplace.

Ok Universe, if you are listening I would like a job that allows me to do just this sort of thing.

Back to the project. The visit to the Rare Book Fair was a success. A chance meeting this week with a friend might make the fundraiser go a little better.

I am currently re writing the front matter, adding pages because I need to fit in a foreword and because I want to talk a little about old time lay outs.

I really need it all to the designer by mid August. I want the text to be just right; I would like the captions to be inventive and interesting. But do I want to have the centuries colour coded?

I now examine books in shops with a design eye. So I quite like the idea of having sections coloured.

The A5 size is portable, but doesn’t do the images justice.