End of the project. Or is it?

It is Day “I don’t know what day it is”. The Kickstarter funding project reached its goal. Some of the rewards have now arrived at my home and need distribution.

I’ve had some downs; I’ve had some ups. But I remind myself every day that I am doing a very worthwhile project.

Pages have been sent to the designer in America. She is in the middle of a hurricane, and she still manages to send me proofs. It looks like what I designed only better. The tweaks and changes that Susan made somehow make it look like a real book. This is why she is the designer and I am not.

I find I don’t have enough time to spend in front of the computer. I am now working on the Secret Life of Watermarks; I find mistakes, I add more watermarks. It too will be beautiful and completely different to the Perfume of Books.

I am lucky that I have kind printers who understand paper grain.

I am lucky that I have a supportive partner, a great dog, a fabulous house thanks to the supportive partner and great friends and child who are behind me.

If you are a backer, a small parcel will make its way to you by November. If you are simply interested in books, watch this space. Could be quiet for a little while, but know that wheels are turning!