I used to make small secret boxes from Australia and exotic woods. I’d had enough of dust, so I turned to bookbinding. So much easier to do in one’s kitchen!

I learned book conservation at the bench for five years. I now  teach beginner’s Bookcraft at the local adult education college. I am a member of the Canberra Bookbinding Guild and the NSW Bookbinders’ Guild. I participate in exhibitions and experiment in my bindery at home. I now teach in Braidwood.

I also love tango.

I am researching historical bindings and their watermarks, and have created the Booksleuth Series. These will consist of books about books, designed to spark curiosity in booklovers and be a reference guide for researchers. Upcoming titles include:

Factotum and Fleurons – Old printers new country: European printers in Australian collections

State Secrets: rare books from our state libraries

Shuxiang: from palm leaves to codex, a guide to asian bindings


Bound Books


Factotum and Fleurons – an ABC of old printers (working title – to be published late 2019)


  • The Perfume of Books
  • The Secret Life of Watermarks


  • The Prophet , Edition of 3
  • The Hounds of the Morrigan  – DB International Bookbinding Competition 2017


  • Tango Guide to Buenos Aires Pop Up Split board binding
  • Tango – set of 5 mini for 2015 Mini Book competition USA – Drum leaf
  • Kenneth Binns Travelling Fellowship 6 – Recollections from a  blog -Sewn board binding
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1984 and Tango guide to Buenos Aires for Society of Bookbinders’ Competition 2015 –Split board binding, millimeter binding, Sewn board binding
  • Tango Guide to Buenos Aires Pop Up Sheffield International Book Prize
  • Little Books of Nonsense – NSW Guild Competition
  • Tango guide – set 5 mini, Northanger Abbey, Tango Guide Pop Up Guild 15 ACT Exhibition


  • Kenneth Binns Travelling Fellowship 5 – Recollections from a       blog Coptic binding
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • The Stone Quartet Guild 14
  • Encyclopedia of Everything – Guide to Tango (drum leaf binding artist book)
  • Encyclopedia of Everything – London! Oxford! (drum leaf binding artist book)Sth Africa Exhibition
  • Tango guide and Tango Manual (artist book) EARA – dos a dos binding International Bookbinding Competition of Argentina
  • Macbeth – leather case binding
  • Tango Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires 2014  Australian Bookbinders Exhibition 2014


  • Barwon Ballads and School verses, JL Cuthbertson, simplified binding

NSW Guild competition (2014)

  • The Gathering 2011, dos rapporte
  • Binns Travelling Fellowship 4 – Simplified binding

2013 Australian Bookbinders Exhibition

  • King Solomon’s Mines, H Ryder Haggard, leather half binding

Guild 13 Canberra Bookbinders’ Guild Exhibition

  • L’Aiguille Creuse, Maurice Leblanc, simplified binding

International French Bookbinding Competition 2012

  • A voyage of learning Binns Travelling Fellowship 3, simplified binding

Society of Bookbinders International Competition

  • Farewell Album – Debbie Campbell, laced in quarter binding


  • Binns Travelling Fellowship 1 for Tony Pyrzakowski, Simplified binding with onlays
  • Binns Travelling Fellowship 2 for Alison Sanchez, Limp binding
  • Les Varais – Jacques Chardonne, Bradel Binding



  • Onion Skin binding (Woolley/Fountain)
  • Gold tooling (Glaister USA)
  • 6 units in online course The Book: Histories across space and Time Harvard Ex


  • Laminated board binding (Jeffers Palmer)
  • Coptic binding (Woolley)


  • Medieval pigments      (Cheryl Porter)
  • Intermediate conservation reback(James Elwing)
  • Drum Leaf binding (Woolley)
  •  Japanese tissue repairs (Riley UK)



  • Sutures for leather covers (Vidler)
  • Special Box making (Argentina)
  • Slip case and Chemise (Tonkins)
  • Leather Binding skills (Newbold)
  • Dos Rapporte (Jeffers-Palmer)


  • Bradel Binding
  • Simplified binding (Arg)
  • Oriental binding (Adamoli Arg)
  • Non adhesive binding (Steiner NZ)
  • History Of European Bookbinding – (Pickwoad, London Rare book Summer school)



  • AICCM Book and Paper Conference audiovisual presentation on watermarks 2016
  • Bibilographic of Australia and New Zealand conference presentation  on historical bindings 2014
  • Inside/Outside New Zealand Book Symposium presentation on historical bindings 2014
  • Melbourne Book Symposium Presentation 2013
  • Buenos Aires Book Fair Professional Days 2013
  • Fondo Antigua Conservation Lab visit 2012
  • Bodleian Library & British Library Conservation Labs visits 2012
  • Oxford Colleges Conservation Consortium Lab visit 2012
  • Wyvern Bindery, visit London 2012

Thanks for reading

2 responses to “About

  1. Your blog is simply delicious! I thought I was the only binder nerdy enough to study the watermarks! 😀


  2. What a fabulous mix you have here…boxes…books…bookbinding…and tango. Looking forward to finding out more!


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