Using Don Glaister’s method

At the beginning of last year, that is 2016, I went along to a week long workshop on gold tooling. Don Glaister was visiting Canberra for the workshop and any opportunity to learn is a good opportunity.

Have I done much, if any, gold tooling since then? I hate to admit it, but no. Some, but not enough. However in between tooling moments, he showed us a neat technique for attaching images, pictures to covers so that they don’t get soiled.

The recipe is as follows:

1 image printed or drawn on paper

1 piece of mylar

sanding paper


Cut your mylar slightly bigger than the image; sand it lightly

Brush on EVA

Apply image onto it and nip in press between boards; let dry.


Hey presto! You have an image that is protected from the elements and able to be glued onto a surface. I have used it here:


However since I glued it on a slippery photo I am wondering if it will stay. I’ve decided to cut the mylar in a cross formation, so that it has tabs, and insert the photo under the covering material.

It produces a very neat result.










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