Working with Cross structure bindings

The Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild had set a challenge for 2015: make a stack of five types of binding, which included a cross structure binding.  So  I did a bit or research online and in books. I wasn’t quite sure what it was; was it a fusion of styles or was it weaving? My first port of call was the good old Bonefolder emagazine. After that I found and used, Carmencho Arregui’s brilliant instructions.

My first one, at the end of 2013, came in the form of a gift for my friend David. Basically what do you give someone who has everything?  I used leather and I had a lot of fun.

Earlier this year I entered a tango guide pop up for the Sheffield International Book Prize and made a fun box for it. I don’t know if it quite fits the criteria of cross structure. I do like weaving in and out, so for me it was simply a way to decorate the spine.

Back to the challenge and cross structured binding…

Eventually this is what I did for the challenge: we had to create 5 different bindings throughout the year. I chose to bind the same text five times. Asian thread binding, pamphlet stitch, exposed sewing, cross structure and in the dark, millimetre binding


Anyway, this post has turned into more of a photo gallery. I have been busy experimenting, so I’m off to write about my other experiments!



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