Watching bookbinding on You Tube

I’ve been having a hard time lately because every time I open my mouth to say something obvious, I’ve been told I’m too harsh.
I am now going to say another obvious thing: some stuff on YouTube can be terrible!
I have learned a few things on YouTube; after all I don’t actually have a regular teacher and I get my information where ever I can.

Some channels are great: Sea Lemon and Bookbinder Chronicles for example. They teach useful techniques and in the case of Bookbinder Chronicles, really good methods.

On the other hand, You Tube is filled with beginners sharing their tips about how to make a book without understanding, and sometimes without seeming to care, about the whys and hows of book making.
I want to be encouraging; really I do. Information should be readily available and free. But please, let’s make it good information. I guess you can’t trust every thing you find on the Internet.

On Sunday I watched 7 episodes of how to do a leather binding and was cringing at each episode, hiding my face in embarrassement as the well meaning young man blathered on about how badly he was binding. And was more embarrassed by the complimentary comments from the punters.

I am not being elitist, I am no master. I hear you need 10 000hrs before you can qualify for that title.

However I do think that you need more than five minutes (or having read 5 books) worth of training to teach anything! I really think that if one assumes one can teach bookbinding, one needs a mountain of experience and skill. If the people who are looking for information have no idea what they are looking for, we should provide them with  the correct information.

Enough said, I’m going back to trawling You Tube!



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  1. Chris Arnison, bookbinder, Stroud, UK

    I agree! I’ll check out Bookbinder Chronicles – thatnks for the tip.


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