Bookstores in Buenos Aires

I started this blog post over a year ago I am ashamed to say. I couldn’t find it in me to finish it. So I have just turned it into a small photomontage of the bookstores that drew my attention.

A year ago……

My bookish journey has not gone so well this time around. The courses I am doing aren’t grabbing me. Neither have I been walking around the city all that much. However with the Feria del Libros looming, I’ve been taking photos of the multitude of bookstores and kioscos


A kiosco can sell anything from the paper to literature

IMG_2169IMG_2170This is the second hand book market near Plaza Italia, a bit like the book stores of the banks of the Seine in Paris.



One thing I can say about the Argentinians, is that they love their literature. There are second bookstores stashed all over the place. If they are small independent stores, they will specialise in a certain area: philosophy, sociology, maths or esoteric literature.


There are also small franchise type stores like Cuspide, who sell best sellers and cheap books, pretty much like Angus and Robertson in Australia.

IMG_2079This was the first secondhand bookstore I discovered in 2006, near Corrientes Ave.

My favourite though is Andre Casares.  I don’t have a picture, but this is an antiquarian bookstore, and well worth a visit.


And then there are places that are just schmick. The store above was closed on a Sunday, but if well worth a visit, and the one below, used to be a theatre, now converted into large bookstore, with cafe on stage.


IMG_2145The children’s section


At the Feria del Libros at La Rural  in PalermoIMG_2234

I was lucky to go to the professional days; so a lot less crowds.IMG_2241

Miniature books; lots of stands had themIMG_2250

IMG_2253Children’s book displays.

The stands were mostly innovative, but the layout was too big. You needed a segue to get around.


I went to the EARA stand, the Argentinian Bookbinding Guild to visit my friend Dina Amoli. She had taught me japanese bookbinding techniques during my last visitIMG_2266

The guild was very well represented with a range of booksIMG_2265


They do like simplified binding here.IMG_2263


And finally Moebius at a great little crafty arcade


If you can read spanish, are into books, then Buenos Aires is the place for you.


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